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Hot Out the Oven... Raspberry Meringue Pie

Hot Out the Oven...
Raspberry Meringue Pie

What a slice of pie! Tangy, buttery raspberry curd in a crisp vanilla rich shortcrust pastry, all topped with fluffy and sticky meringue

Think Pink... a month late...

So, I had the best of intentions when coming up with a pink recipe for the month of October, being all about breast cancer awareness and stuff. Honestly, I baked and shot this recipe in the first week of October! But now we are in November and I'm only now getting around to posting it. All I have to say about that is... oops? At least I was thinking pink!

Anyway, lame non-excuse out the way, I give you one of the prettiest (in a really girlie girl way) looking pies (tarts?) I've ever made. 

Based on a lemon meringue pie, this tart swaps out the lemon for raspberries. The crust is dotted with millions of minute vanilla seeds. And the meringue is soft and sticky and sweet. It's a slice of pretty pinkness and fluff. 

Course, I realise raspberries aren't in season any more, well, not up here anyway. But for those of you below the equator, you'll be able to make this Raspberry Meringue Pie with sweet in-season raspberries. For us on the north side, you can use frozen berries, although I can't guarantee it'll be quite as delicious. Maybe just bookmark the recipe for next year and admire its simplistic prettiness for the moment. 

Happy baking!

- MandyM


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