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Fresh content...   Pink Gin Spritz ... Ice, berries, pink gin, lemonade & prosecco. Delicious!

Fresh content...
Pink Gin Spritz... Ice, berries, pink gin, lemonade & prosecco. Delicious!


It's 5 o'Clock Somewhere...

I went to a lot of trouble to get my hands on Gordon's new pink gin just so that I could have this video made and ready to show you the minute their new tipple hit our shelves in Tesco. Have a read about my "adventure" whilst sipping on this fresh and berry infused cocktail. 

Follow this link for the full story...



Don't Poop On My Unicorn Parade

I think I'm a little late to the Unicorn everything trend, but better really, really, really late than never. Right?

Unicorn Poop Cupcakes -MandyM-9619.jpg

Remove the funfetti and pastel colours in the marshmallow frosting, these cupcakes are really delicious, so the recipe is worth having anyway. 

Vanilla sponge cupcakes are filled with the tastiest strawberry cheesecake filling. Seriously, that filling. The recipe makes a little extra, yet you will find yourself with none left once you've done baking. It's the strangest thing! (She said, sucking on the end of the piping bag with said filling inside). 

To top it all off, a very light and not overly sweet, fluffy marshmallow frosting. 

Adding the colouring to the frosting does remove some volume, so if you decide to go plain white instead, you'll have towering clouds atop each cupcake. Nothing wrong with that!

Follow this link to the full recipe, also, I've made a video which you can also see in the recipe post!

Happy Baking!

It's Official...

I am now an international award winning food video producer. Say whaaaat?! Yes, you heard me. My carrot cake video won its section at the Pink Lady Food Photography Awards. I have a shiny trophy to prove it! (I also have a video on my phone of me swearing in happy delight as I arrive back at my spot in the audience after collecting my award ;) )

You can see my award winning video -ahem- over here. Just click the link!

Happy baking!


Pictures Speak Louder Than Words...

Here's a very simple technique for filling cupcakes with delicious things like ganache or curds or jams or mousse or other lovely delicious things. Mmmm... Really, it's so easy, so have a look at this video, makes some cupcake, fill those cupcakes and then finish them off with a lovely buttercream swirl!

Speaking of buttercream swirls, want to know how to do those lovely bakery looking frosting finishes on a cupcake? I've got another video for you! And not just buttercream swirls, also what I like to call a "kiss of frosting."

So have a lookie in this post which includes a recipe for basic or simple buttercream, or on my video page

Happy frosting!


Let me introduce you to my better half...

And by better, I mean, less calorific. Actually, that's not even right. Erm. More personal trainer approved! That's it!

My site has gone through a Jekyll and Hyde transformation. The Decadent, this side, is for the bad side of me who loves frosting and cake and puddings and desserts and luscious meals. 

The Disciplined side, however, is me trying to get my eating habits in line. I've been with a personal trainer for a while now, but there are only so many squats, rows, bench presses and burpees you can do, the rest is down to diet! So, in an attempt to get back to a healthier size, I've decided I need my blogging to help me out with my food choices. 

Not to say that the recipes over on the Disciplined side will be bland and boring, on the contrary. They're still going to be full of flavour, but just a little more concious of what goes into them. So, no refined sugars, lots of whole ingredients, plenty of protein and healthy fats. If you're starting your own fitness regime that has you lifting weights and whatnot, check it out, you might find a few recipes that fit in with your eating plan!

Happy baking!

- MandyM


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Favourite Treats   Almond & White Chocolate Cupcakes

Favourite Treats

Almond & White Chocolate Cupcakes

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Kildare Village