Catch up on my rantings, ravings and revelations about Ireland's first Great Irish Bake Off series. And, as a gift (or reward) for wading through my thoughts on each episode, there's a recipe inspired by each week's GIBO theme. 

Happy baking! 


The Prequel

Much excitement about the imminent airing of the first episode, as well as a few peaks behind the scenes of some of the publicity leading up to the big day as well as a recipe for moist Peach Cupcakes.

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Ep 1: Cake

Finally! The first episode airs and we meet our contestants!  As well as a delicious recipe for light and lovely Strawberry Cupcakes with Meringue Frosting

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Ep 2: Tarts

With the first contestant gone, the remaining get on with tarting it up. And I did a bit of that myself with a savoury Goats Cheese, Pear, Pinenut & Prosciutto Tart. 

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Ep 3: Bread

10 contestants are left to face the daunting challenge of bread. With or without yeast, they baked a total of four loaves. I've also got a recipe up for delicious Guinness Treacle Bread.

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Ep 4: Desserts

Halfway through the Bake Off and this was Biddy's first week giving the Technical Bake recipe. She challenged the bakers to making a traditional apple pudding served with a custard that would prove to be everyone's downfall. And my offering is a rather manly recipe, a Bourbon Bacon Brownie dessert. 

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Bourbon Bacon Brownies-9763.jpg
Bourbon Bacon Brownies-9646.jpg
Bourbon Bacon Brownies-9774.jpg

Ep 5: Chocolate

After the double elimination in episode 4, everyone could do with some cheering up, and chocolate is just the thing to do it. Except that Paul set a Technical Bake that would even scare a trained chef. I've also got a chocolate offering of my own, a Devil's Food Cake with Nutella and chocolate buttercream. 

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Choc Nutella Cake-0144.jpg
Choc Nutella Cake-0062.jpg
Choc Nutella Cake-0091.jpg

Ep 6: Pastry

This week the bakers were challenged by pastry, from rough puff to choux, they attempted classic French desserts, Mille-Feuille and croquembouche, and, there was a double elimination. And from me, apple turnovers and a video on how to make puff pastry.


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Apple Turnovers-4910.jpg
Apple Turnovers-4858.jpg
Apple Turnovers-4939.jpg

Ep 7: Semi Finals

A theme-less week, our four contestants were competing for their place in the finals. From making a "Journey Cake" to a Technical Bake from Biddy, the judges held nothing back in their critique! I did an interview with Maryanne and I have a recipe for Pistachio Macarons.


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Pistachio Strawb Macaron-0258.jpg
Pistachio Strawb Macaron-0319.jpg
Pistachio Strawb Macaron-0291.jpg

Ep 8: The Final!

Finally, the week we've all been waiting for! The remaining three baked their hearts out to prove that one of them deserved to be the winner of Ireland's first ever Bake Off! And I have a delicious recipe for Spiced Pumpkin Bread for you to enjoy, as well as a video interview with finalist Will.


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Pumpkin Loaf-0008.jpg
Pumpkin Loaf-9851.jpg
Pumpkin Loaf-9976.jpg