Pomegranate, Feta & Beetroot Salad

Pomegranate, Feta & Beetroot Salad

Pomegranate, Feta & Beetroot Salad

Just before Christmas I was chatting to my best friend in South Africa via Skype. In between all the usual catching up she pounced this question on me, "We're taking a salad to Christmas Eve lunch with the family, do you know a nice salad to make? Something that's not the usual boring lettuce leaves and cucumber combo."

I know I'm brilliant *cough* but good gosh, thanks for that. Now I'm the off-the-top-of-your-head recipe idea lady. lol! Normally I get my ideas when I'm standing in the market with a whole bunch of ingredients in front of me. I told her I'd have a think about it.

Feta 02.jpg

We carried on chatting but then her mom-in-law decided to say hi as well, and then it came again. She wanted a nice idea for a Christmassy salad. Now I was on the spot, thankfully my brain was functioning that day! Something that popped into my head was pomegranate.

Pomegranate Seeds 02.jpg

I remembered that around November and December, Woolworth's (M&S) would bring out things more seasonal for Christmas, one of these things was pomegranate. They'd have things like fruit salads with pomegranate and Christmas spices. It seemed like the perfect thing for a Christmas lunch in hot and sunny SA. After that popped into my head, the rest came along without too much mental strain ;)

Beautiful red gems

Beautiful red gems

Mixed lettuce leaves, feta, pomegranate & cherry tomatoes. They loved that idea, it was different and interesting and the colours would be lovely; bright red with the tomatoes and lovely little pomegranate gems, white feta and different hues of green. Although I'm certainly not the first person to think of this combo, I was pretty chuffed with myself all the same ;)

Pomegranate Salad 02.jpg

When I decided I wanted to get this posted before pomegranates weren't on the shelves anymore, it developed a little more. I find the selection of lettuce to be a little limited here, but mixed leave bags are pretty good, they normally include types of lettuce that I can't find individually. I came across a bag of mixed leaves that also had raw beetroot in it. Beautiful colours! Would be perfect, not just in colour, but in taste as well. The beetroot would be an earthy sort of sweet, while the pomegranate would give little bursts of juicy sweetness against the salty feta. Yum!

Soup & (a vibrant) salad

Soup & (a vibrant) salad

Whether you're in full hot summer and enjoying this with a barbeque (braai!) or wrapped up in the cold and having soup, this salad is a lovely mix of flavours that will liven up any meal.




Mixed Lettuce Leaves

1 Raw Beetroot, julienne or grated

1 Pomegranate


Cherry Tomatoes


Balsamic Vinegar

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper



  • Wash and dry the lettuce
  • Roughly tear the leaves into smaller pieces
  • Cut cherry tomatoes in half
  • Combine & toss lettuce, tomatoes, cubed or crumbled feta and beetroot in a serving bowl
  • Remove seeds from the pomegranate
  • Throw the seeds over the top of the salad
  • Dress with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper
Pomegranate Salad 05.jpg

Other Tips

For an easy, mess free way to remove pomegranate seeds, visit Pennies on a Platter

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