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It's Chocolate Bunny Time!

Happy Almost Easter!

My favourite MaltEaster Bunny treat inspired these cupcakes. My Chocolate Malt Cupcakes, a.k.a. MaltEaster Cupcakes. 

Soft and rich chocolate sponge, a hidden white chocolate malt centre, all topped off with a cute two-tone malt chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream. And of course, perched on each cupcake, a cute (and delicious!) MaltEaster Mini Bunny, or a few Maltesers. 

Follow this link for the recipe

A is for Apple...

Do you like apples?

Do you like apple lime curd?

Do you like lime cream cheese frosting?

If you do, you'll love this cake.

Two layers of apple chunk cake filled with buttery and thick apple and lime curd. Top this off with thick cream cheese frosting, made even more delicious with lime, and you have one seriously awesome combination. 

Take this from someone who hates cooked apple & curd. This is a damn tasty cake!

Click here for the recipe...

Let's Start The New Year With Something Easy...

I had hoped that 2014 would start at the pace of a casual stroll, but instead, it was straight into a sprint, so I'm savouring any free weekend time that I get!

Because of that, I'm coming to appreciate the "simpler" kind of recipes a lot more, recipes that I've now dubbed "Wooden Spoon Recipes". 1 bowl, 1 spoon and an oven. This also means little clean up, another bonus. 

So while researching recipes for an upcoming baking class, I discovered that biscotti recipes were exactly the sort of "easy" mix and bake recipe but with a delicious end result. Especially good as they keep for ages! That is, if you don't scoff them all over a weekend ;)

So give these Hazelnut Coffee Bean Biscotti a try, they're perfect for those rare moments of nothing.

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